Aysgarth School

Prep school for boys located in North Yorkshire, North Yorkshire

Aysgarth School is near Bedale, North Yorkshire, and is one of the leading Prep schools in the country. As the only all-boys boarding Prep school in the north of Britain, Aysgarth sends more boys to selective schools such as Eton and Harrow than any other school in the north, as well as to senior schools nearby. It is a northern school with a national focus; the school is full boarding focused, with around 90% of boys boarding. Boarding at Aysgarth has never been more popular, meaning that your son will be in good company not just in the classroom but in the evenings and at weekends.

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Aysgarth provides time and opportunity for every child to develop into the best version of themselves; confident, capable, courageous and kind.

Its academic performance is excellent and this is matched by the success of the sporting, musical, dramatic and artistic departments. The activities programme is vast and the boys work hard and have a great deal of fun. Boarding school teachers work with the children in and out of the classroom, share meals with them and often live on site. There is much truth in the old adage that ‘one wins the battle outside of the classroom’ and being able to congratulate a boy on his sporting performance on Saturday or on his singing in the Chapel on Sunday, helps develop his self-confidence as well as ensuring that he is more focused in your lesson.

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Aysgarth is situated close to both Catterick Garrison and RAF Leeming, and is a popular choice with military families. We regularly receive enquiries from families who have had little notice of a posting, and we will do our utmost to support and accommodate these requests. We offer a 10% forces discount, sibling discounts, and we welcome scholarship applications.
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Head Mr Jonathon Anderson
School Type Prep school for boys
Junior Age Range 3 - 13
Academic GCSE: No
Alevel: No
Int'l Baccalaureate: No
Total Students 214
Youngest Boarder 8
Int'l Students 11