Q&A fact file: Rishworth School




What importance do you place on academics?

At Rishworth we place importance on people. We know the value of academic success as a gateway to University courses and top flight careers so we prepare our students to achieve excellent grades in public examinations and to aspire to future lives as highly proficient professionals. Our students go on to careers in a wide range of challenging and fulfilling environments, for example as medics, as lawyers, and as architects. We also know that all learners, of whatever age, need to work towards excellence of every sort to fulfil their potential; to be the best sportsperson they can be, to be the most accomplished musician they can be, to play the most productive possible part in our wider society. For Rishworth students, an academic career is not only a means to an end, it is also part of an intellectual journey which defines each and every student as aiming to be the very best that they can be.
(Anthony Wilkins Head)

What is the largest group of one nationality?

Many of our pupils are British, with nearly 50% of our boarders coming from the UK. The rest are a truly international field coming from 14 different countries around the world.
(Lydia Horbury Director of External Relations)

Who will they share bedroom with?

All senior school pupils are housed in individual study bedrooms unless the request otherwise, we do have a couple of multiple occupancy rooms, but these are usually used by flexi boarders.
(Mark Davies – Head of Boarding)

Do they wear uniform all the time?

Uniform is worn during the school day, but in the evening and on the weekend, pupils are free to wear their own clothes.
(Mark Davies – Head of Boarding)

My child is particularly good at a sport what support will they get?

At Rishworth we have a phenomenal record for producing top class sports people. Currently at least 40 pupils represent club level, regional or national teams across a range of disciplines including: Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Dressage, Athletics, Swimming, Netball, Tenni, Football and Badminton.


The Ford Rugby Academy has been founded with the support of George (attended Rishworth School; Fly-half for England) and Mike Ford (manager Bath, Toulon, England) and seeks to develop talent within players throughout their time at the School. At its highest level, an elite athlete pathway with a personalised programme delivered by rugby professionals aims to ensure players have the opportunity to follow in George’s footsteps, and play at the highest levels.


The Rishworth Cricket Academy gives students the opportunity to access a programme within school and at the Cricket Asylum in Sowerby Bridge. The programme is delivered through high level coaching supported by diagnostic digital technology. Students within the programme have already achieved county and regional representation.


The Rishworth Badminton Academy offers a different route for students to achieve elite performance. Founded and run by Helen Calverley (played for England; studied at Rishworth School), graduates from the Academy will benefit from links that are being forged with Durham University.


Our pupils are further supported by our sports department, who are able to offer additional strength and conditioning sessions, our catering department who are able to supply nutritious and healthy food and our teaching staff who support pupils who have to travel across the world to compete.
(Andy Thomas – Director of Sport)

What makes your school special?

Rishworth combines a three hundred year history with up-to-the-minute innovation to create an atmosphere in which not only are traditional values cherished but in which invention and exploration is encouraged. Rishworth has high expectations of students’ behaviour and work ethic, but recognises that all students have individual strengths that we can celebrate and develop. Learning is about living at Rishworth, as our motto reminds us: Res Non Verba, Deeds not Words. We are firmly rooted in the security of the spectacular Yorkshire countryside but as a thriving boarding school we have a truly global outlook. Ultimately, what makes Rishworth special is that it is full of Rishworthians!
(Anthony Wilkins Head)