Q&A fact file Ratcliffe College


Do all the students have to attend religious services?

Yes they do at our Chapel onsite. We are a Catholic school but we celebrate and welcome all faiths and have a very diverse and global student population.

My child is gifted, what additional support will they get?

We can award Scholarships for Sport, Music, Art, Drama and gifted students can be given extra work and higher targets. We are in the top 1% in the country for Value Added.

Do you have girl’s rugby or football ?

No but girls can do almost any other sport here.

Do boys and girls have separate boarding houses?

Yes there are two separate houses but they spend free time, weekends and excursions together.

How many of your students go to university?

90% go to their first choice University

What makes your school special?

Our school is special because of the warmth and inclusion you can feel as soon as you enter on to our beautiful, enclosed campus in the Leicestershire countryside. Founded in 1847, the school is steeped in tradition and history but has state of the art sports facilities and a brand new English Language Centre. We are strong in Sport, Music, Art and Drama and pride ourselves on excellent Pastoral care. Boarding is at our heart and soul and we have a diverse student population. We are Co Educational and Catholic and believe the nurturing environment focusses on the whole student.

Questions answered by Sophie Noctor, Boarding Recruitment Manager, Ratcliffe College