Q&A fact file: Finborough School



What percentage of the total on roll are boarders?

Our boarding provision comprises a family of around seventy children and young adults, seamlessly part of a school community of just under five hundred students. We are a very close learning family from age two to eighteen years of age, where boarders are uniquely interwoven through a beautifully positive immersive culture that connects us all and presents boundless opportunities for all of our students’ success.

My child is particularly good at a sport what support will they get?

Sport is the lifeblood of Finborough School, as one of the top Independent School Association sporting schools we are regularly victorious in regional and national competitions. Multimillion-pound investment in state-of-the-art facilities and high-level coaching ensures all of our students are athletically nurtured, developing their health, fitness and sporting skills. Those who demonstrate particular talent are provided individual programmes, coupled with an incredible level of support to enable them to develop their talent. This continuum extends into our Sports Professionals Programme at the top of the school guiding exceptional young men and women towards top sporting careers.

I think my child is dyslexic, can you test them and support their needs?

Finborough is a CRESTED registered school with an exceptional track record of supporting children with Dyslexia. Our small class sizes and deep expertise in this area through our dedicated LEAD Centre enables us to design each individual’s curriculum and build bespoke programmes of support that ensure the highest levels of progress. Our unique Learnability approach coupled with the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People creates an environment that inspires our students and builds a resilient ‘growth mindset’ that ensures ‘better never stops’. The inculcation of this level of learning independence manifests for our dyslexic students in their drive to develop and sustain lifelong strategies for success.

Who looks after their clothes and sports kit?

All of our boarding students enjoy a comprehensive daily laundry service. Individual support to ensure every child and young adult is able to be fully self-sufficient in their personal administration, using the ample storage space they are each allotted as part of their individual living space.

Who would be the first point of contact if I have a concern about my child?

At Finborough we are all here to support and help everyone of our families in any way necessary. Our drive to provide the best possible service is characterised by our unrelenting commitment to nothing being too much trouble. The parents of boarding students will enjoy a weekly extended call with a member of our boarding team, alongside all students being assigned a tutor. The teacher taking on this role with a small number of students will be the conduit for all aspects of their life at Finborough, ensuring they remain positive and enthused, enjoying all elements of school life and making great progress. We pride ourselves on our quality of open communication to keep every parent fully updated and connected with their life at school.

What makes your school special?

Finborough is a genuinely unique learning family, where our culture blends ambition and drive for academic success equally with the development of strong positive character founded on great personal leadership. We really believe these are the foundations for the ‘best preparation for life’. Using the tools of ‘Learnability, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the ‘better never stops’ mentality driven by a well-developed ‘growth mindset’, our students are characteristically deeply personable, kind, confident and committed to their goals. These traits are coupled with stellar interpersonal and communication skills required for the fast changing world of opportunity we all live in.

Questions Answered by Kate Walmsley, Admissions Manager
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