UKiset Assessment


UKiset is a standardised assessment of a child’s intelligence and English language skills; a tool used by British curriculum schools to assess international applicants.


Over 225 schools have received UKiset Profiles over the past year; some as a compulsory part of the application process, others to supplement their existing systems. It has been developed specifically for overseas students wishing to study in the British system. The tests can be taken in accredited test centres and British Council offices all around the world.


“Anderson Education have been so very helpful in this move to boarding school, from advice on the UKiset exams to settling into the new school. We are so happy, it was a wonderful experience and we shall continue to recommend you highly to friends and family”


UKiset measures a candidate’s academic potential through a series of reasoning tests in three core processing areas; verbal, non-verbal, and mathematical awareness; and provides predictive analysis into what the candidate might reasonably achieve at GCSE, A-level and IB. The candidate’s scores are then compared directly with British students in the state and independent sectors.


UKiset also includes two English language tests. The Cambridge English Placement Test - an online reading and listening test, and a 30 minute handwritten essay. The registration form provides schools with an insight into the applicant’s interests and aspirations.


Together, these four elements (reasoning skills, Cambridge English, the essay and the candidate’s profile) provides a fair and comprehensive introduction to every international applicant. Their suitability for the schools of their choice can be judged on a level playing field with their British, and other overseas, peers.


UKiset costs £200 (+ VAT in the EU). This includes the whole test procedure, invigilation and distribution of results to up to five schools.