UK School League Tables


League tables were traditionally based on GCSE and A Level results; with the introduction of a wider range of qualifications including IGCSE, the IB Diploma, Pre-U and BTECs and the fact that some schools do not now submit their results means that the league tables are not truly representative. League tables are created by a number of different organisations, often using different criteria, for example A*-A grades, A*-B grades or an average point score per student.


League tables do, of course, only measure one area of academic performance. There is no place in them for a measure of a pupil’s happiness or confidence, for social skills or athletic achievement, for cultural appreciation or artistic endeavour. If the development of our children into adults was entirely predicated on achieving three A* grades at A2, we would all be in trouble!” Antony Spencer, Head, St Lawrence College


We recommend that you request the ‘Destination of Leavers’ list from the schools that you are considering. If this indicates that students are progressing to good universities and securing places to study a range of traditional academic subjects it is reflective of excellent teaching within the department.