Dubai always comes back stronger


"In the 70s Dubai was the heart of the wholesale trade routes between the UAE and surrounding regions in Iran, East Africa and the Indian sub-continent - Dubai was booming.  When the Iranian market closed, Dubai was deeply challenged.  The USSR collapsed and Russia came into play, pumping the economy like never before. That level of trade was unprecedented for Dubai. But when a self-sufficient Russia established itself everyone predicted another collapse.  We waited patiently for the day these failed traders would pack up.

To everyone’s surprise, Dubai reshaped itself, shifting its focus to tourism. It was the beginning of an undeniable legacy that made ripples around the world.  Media City and Internet City among other areas were developed and became home to hundreds of multinational corporations bringing in an amount of foreign investment no one could have ever predicted.  Time and again, Dubai turned crisis into opportunity.

The Iran-Iraq war when Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990 posed an unstable situation and obvious threat to the region. After peace, there was another boom, Dubai’s infamous construction boom. Then the 2008 International crisis, when the global media reported on panicked expats fleeing Dubai, leaving dusty sports cars parked at the airport. We had all accepted that it was now time to wake up from our Dubai dreams.  After the crash, our recovery was so strong; the Emirate earned its status as one of the world’s global cities.

No, Dubai isn’t finished. Dubai always comes back stronger. Sure, the Covid-19 situation is scary. But I’m betting that Dubai will do what it always does — surprise us.  Dubai turns crisis into opportunity".


An extract from Ramzi Cheaib’s article on ‘Medium’


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After a strictly enforced lockdown and curfew, Dubai is now opening up and travel restrictions have been lifted