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Boarding builds character.

Becoming a boarder at a UK school is a daunting prospect for students and their families.  This short film gives a brilliant insight into boarding and what it means to the students.  Their stories are of belonging to a family, growing in confidence, becoming independent and also enjoying themselves.

Here is some of the fantastic things students have to say about boarding:

"Boarding's great - you have your friends around all the time, you never get lonely there's always someone to cry on, laugh with and have fun with."

“Coming to this school has been a huge turning point in my life!   It has given me confidence, optimism and good sociable behaviour, which I am thankful for!  My boarding house is like my second home and I really love it.”

“Boarding School changed my life; it made me the person I am today”

“Living in a boarding house, provides an opportunity to develop a range of crucial life skills”

Posted: 08.01.2021
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