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A modern uk boarding school education turns out well-rounded young people, with good qualifications, a breadth of interests, confidence and independence - a true education for life. View our UK Boarding Schools Directory . For those parents with little experience of UK Boarding Schools it can be a daunting prospect; most rely on friends and family for help and advice.

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UK Boarding School Map SearchWe have visited over 350 top UK boarding schools; this firsthand experience enables us to identify what is special and unique about each UK boarding school and match this with the needs of each child. The ease and convenience of our educational service aims to make the search for the perfect school a stress free experience.

Each child is different and each boarding school is different. With a little help from the experts you can find that perfect place where your child will blossom and grow to his or her full potential. View a regional map of the UK to search for top uk boarding schools

A British Boarding Education

A British boarding education is a popular choice for many UK and overseas families. We offer...

  • Free, impartial advice on choosing the best school for your child
  • Guidance on ‘what to look for’ when selecting a UK boarding school
  • A personal recommended list of schools appropriate to each child

As Education Consultants we have been working with overseas families, international students and boarding schools in the UK for the past 25 years. Although schools appear similar when browsing websites or prospectuses, in reality each has a unique quality. This is where we can provide impartial help and guidance.

UK Boarding School Exhibition - Grosvenor House, Dubai -  February 2015.
Meet Heads and representatives of UK boarding schools, talk to boarding school specialists.
Middle East Tours to Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Free, impartial information and advice on UK boarding schools from education specialists.
British Forces Education Clinic Tour
Visiting Garrisons across Germany to meet Forces families and give free and impartial help and guidance.

Top UK Boarding Schools

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UK Schools Directory for Forces Families

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Added: 03.03.2014   |  Tags:  choosing a school
Find out what parents thought about the UK Boarding School Exhibition Dubai 2014
Added: 27.02.2014   |  Tags:  choosing a school  latest news
The aim of specialist schools in the UK is to promote the intellectual and social development of each child regardless of ability so that they may take their place in the world.
Added: 06.12.2013   |  Tags:  saudi arabia  latest news
Sue has visited Saudi Arabia 6 times in the past 18 months, Saudi is not an easy place to work and frequent visits are essential if we are to promote the best of British education.
Added: 06.12.2013   |  Tags:  awards  forces families  latest news
Sue Anderson has been awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for services to education. Sue Anderson is an Education Consultant helping British Forces families worldwide.
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